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Help for Harley

Help for Harley is the GoFundMe page created by my husband and myself to help our beloved rescue feline, Harley Bug. His care has been provided but our family is like may others, living paycheck to paycheck. We won't neglect the... Continue Reading →



The weeks between the end of January and the beginning of May are some of the more emotional ones for me for the past three years. In 2014 I lost my Dad, received word that my job of nine years... Continue Reading →

Enveloped in You

My most blissful rest is enveloped in you. No high thread count cotton of pharaoh’s claim. No spun silk or satin grain. No patchwork, no down, no duvet; No flannel, no woven, no crochet. Simply here, enveloped in you, In... Continue Reading →

Thank you!

My blogging has been sporadic due to obligations and health - I'm fine overall, more like winter blues and body aches. Despite my inconstant blogging, in just a month and a half I now have 35 followers! There are many... Continue Reading →

Looking Up to the Sky

I've been transported lately on my way to work, fully engulfed in the music of Adele from her 25 album. Each song speaks to me in ways I'm sure other's can relate to as well. When I'm alone in my... Continue Reading →

This struck me as a Must Read

Lit Hub has a compelling essay by “The Last Illusion” author Porochista Khakpour about her struggle to survive early in her career as a novelist. via Porochista Khakpour on Starving as a Young Novelist — Longreads I read the excerpt, then... Continue Reading →

Touching Down

This past weekend I touched down in New Haven for Permission to Fail. The event has traditionally been held at a local art studio but this time it was at Lyric Hall. This location is both stunning and unfinished. The front... Continue Reading →

How Can I?

This election has jolted many of us in a multitude of ways. This poem came flying out today as everything I've been considering about the turn of daily events filtered down. I believe we are at a crossroads in our... Continue Reading →

He Said I Looked Exquisite

via Daily Prompt: Exquisite In the years following my divorce, I made a point to explore my adventurous side. Adventurous might be a polite word for rebellious or dangerous. At 39, my poor mother who worried about me on a... Continue Reading →

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