In the twenty plus years since realizing I wanted nothing more than to be an author, a published poet, and a public speaker, I haven’t done anything remotely resembling any of those things.

I’ve had a few poems published here and there but nothing of any true success or fame. I’ve chalked my reality up to being lazy and also deeply involved in surviving life that I haven’t been moved to expose it except for a few peeks here and there. That is, until now.

Flower Power Press is the launching pad by which my desire to write, muse, question and comment on life will be sprung on the unsuspecting world. It’s also how I will fuel my writing, to track my submissions, rejections (as those are inevitable) and my successes (which I hope are many). I plan to report on my current projects, share past ones, and offer guided opportunities for those who may be in the same boat as I’ve been with wanting to write but not doing it.

The name Flower Power was chosen because I’m very much a traditional non-traditionalist. I am a cubicle dweller and I’m good at my job. I actually enjoy the work. I’m rebellious in my own ways while being quite reliable in others. I’m not tattooed and I don’t wear dreads. I’ve never publicly protested or lived in a yurt. I have stood up to corporate greed on the job. I have a Monroe piercing and I tend to upset the apple cart by just being me. I believe in marriage but the second time around we eloped vs the traditional wedding, and we both wore new kicks. So traditional but with a twist.

There is strength in beauty. There is life in the most cultivated and in the most common flowers. In many ways I feel like I’m a cultured daisy, raised with care and pride, but still wanting to grow where I like the view best and that’s often on a hill somewhere, in the sunlight and away from everyone else. Flowers are present at life’s most celebratory and more somber events. They bring a fragrance and softness to a room, a desk, a yard, or a roadside that might otherwise be utilitarian and cold. The power of the flower is in its being present. I want to be present more often, and nowhere more present than in my writing.

I hope that Flower Power Press and The Writer’s Block will work together to bring some beauty and light to the online community as it helps to launch my desire of becoming an accomplished writer. Please join me, spectators and participants alike.

Write on!