via Daily Prompt: Gone Daily Post Word Prompt

Gone. It implies that something, or someone, was once present. They were once, and for a span of time, here. Gone can be lost, stolen, deceased, moved on, moved away, anything meaning no longer here. Gone doesn’t mean no longer in existence, simply no longer in your presence. In this case, no longer in mine.

My gone can be defined by the passing of my parents in the early months of 2014. Dad was January 28th, Mom was May 3rd. My gone can also refer to my job being dissolved in May of the same year. Along with that went the network of friends from work with whom I’d shared the highest highs and lowest lows of our lives with in the nine years I had worked there. We stay in touch as best we can, but the daily camaraderie and solidarity found in our work? Gone. These are the sadder aspects of gone which first came to mind with this daily prompt. But there are joyful moments that gone defines as well.

While I still regret not listening to my instincts to not marry my first husband, gone are the days of my personal hell as his wife. Also gone are the bonds we shared: family, housing, pets, debt. And the feelings of resentment towards him and disgust with him and also myself, for being with him. These are venomous emotions that I’m happy to be rid of. In their place is a peace and a security; first as a result of my choosing to remove myself from that situation at any cost, then in living my new life to feed my soul.

Gone but not forgotten: My parents. My job. My friends. My ex husband. Still in existence, but no longer in my presence.