Writing is a personal experience. At least it is for me. Sitting down to write this morning, I took notice of my office. Before I even started up my laptop I was clearing away papers, setting the chair height, and placing pens back in the desk organizer. In a few minutes I had cleared a space that I felt was ready and worthy. Only then did I boot up the computer and settle in.

Typing away, I casually reached for my morning coffee and a bite of some sausages I’d made for breakfast. Food, drink, clean table top and a comfy chair. I realized these were all automatic and systematic for me.  I wondered, ‘Is this what I do each time I settle in to write or draft or even read other blogs?’. The answer was almost immediate. Yes! So these actions, even if unrealized to me, were my writing rituals.

So now I’m curious…

What are your writing rituals?

Do you have any?

Are you aware of them?

How do they help you write?

Can you write if you don’t follow them?