via Daily Prompt: Infinite

A couple’s language binds them invisibly whether they’re in a crowded room or lounging on their couch. Their inside jokes and knowing looks are the cement that holds the building bricks of their relationship in place. Its what shores them up from storms and dangers. A couple’s culture is what keeps them strong. While my husband, Dave, and I have several little moments and tells between us, the one he authored one morning before his requisite cup of coffee is among my favorites.

For awhile we had been replying to an I love you with, “I love you Googleplex infinity” in an effort to out do the other in expressing the depth and breadth of our love for each other. Yes, we are aware that its sickening sweet. We are middle-aged romantics making the rounds again in the bonds of marriage. We don’t even make the effort to hide our affection for each other as it would be ingenuine of us. We also don’t miss a chance to tease each other at a misspoken phrase or expression.

On this particular morning, my husband, bleary-eyed and yawning, stumbled into the kitchen for his coffee as usual. I was racing to get ready for my hour commute into work and hastily issued a, “Good Morning babe. I love you”, and we crossed paths to kiss. WIthout missing a beat, Dave replied with deep sincerity, “Love you too sweetie, Googleplex Xfinity.”

Of course he meant infinity and Xfinity was the name of our cable provider at the time, but I couldn’t let it slide. It was too rich, especially knowing that he is no good without his coffeee first thing in the morning. I burst out laughing while he made an insincere attempt to look wounded which he followed up with a smirk.

“Babe,” I managed to say between giggles, “Xfinity? You love me for all my 500 channels?”

“Mmmhmm. Yup!”, he replied, “Googleplex Xfinity dot coooooom!”, with the ‘dot com’ being sung like in the commercials.

I’m not even sure we say Googleplex infinity anymore and Xfinity still makes us laugh. For inifinity, for Xfinity, I adore that man of mine.