christmas-candlesThis election has jolted many of us in a multitude of ways. This poem came flying out today as everything I’ve been considering about the turn of daily events filtered down. I believe we are at a crossroads in our lives and in the life of the United States.  I believe we have taken the darker path. I’m not afraid; I can see what’s coming though and its unsettling. – Sharon


How Can I?

I’ve been told to wait and see, but how can I
When I already know what is going to be?
I’ve been told to give him a chance, but how can I
When life has taught me not to give chances to people I don’t trust?
Because when I’ve put my faith in the faithless it never ends well for me.
I’ve been told to accept this new reality but how can I
When it’s not acceptable? Unacceptable to me and more than half of this country?
How can I wait and see, give him a chance, and accept this new reality when it goes against
Every fiber of my being, every shred of self-preservation that I know?
To NOT sit and watch the world burn having been lit with the acceleration of hatred and greed.
To NOT be silent in the face of falsehoods that are alternatives like arsenic is a replacement for sugar.
To NOT be a blind follower when my sights are set high on equality and fairness.
How can he be anything other than who he has already proven himself to be?
The con is not that he presented one way and that he is really another.
He knows who he is and he has shown himself to you.
The con here is that you don’t believe your own eyes, ears and experiences.
That you believe the worst of Mexicans, Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Gays and Women
But you believe the best of a man who has proven he is the worst.

You believe that a man who never took the bus to work
Or came home with rocks in his work boots
With callouses on his hands
With grease under his fingernails
With back pain
With knee pain
With bills piling up
With a broken washing machine
With collectors calling
With a rusted out car
With college tuition looming overhead
You believe that HE has your best interest at heart
That HE will save you
That HE knows better than you do even as you know in your heart that he doesn’t.
His name isn’t Clinton or Obama so you rally cry for him.
His name is Trump, but even more so? His name is Undermining, its Hatred, its Loathing,
and I rally a cry for us all.

How can I not when I see what is coming and the darkness of it looms?

Copyright 2017 Sharon Arsego