This past weekend I touched down in New Haven for Permission to Fail. The event has traditionally been held at a local art studio but this time it was at Lyric Hall. This location is both stunning and unfinished. The front door is amazingly ornate glass work, but then you step inside, and the interior room is bare bones with a low back throw back couch and bare walls. The most interesting item here is the huge wood burning stove which is not modern but intricate in detail.

The theater hall itself is quaint with folding chairs and another low back throw back couch which was quite comfortable. The vibe there was different from previous events. The crowd was older, and the space smaller. It was more formalized by the very nature of the stage present. The studio has more of a free flowing feel to it, more of a family and friends kind of thing going on. Still, we enjoyed the chance to be out of the house as Hubby’s knee heals and its winter here in Connecticut.

I chose to read my post entitled Yes, Someday, though I stopped the story before revealing Tammy’s death. The crowd gathered needed something light so I read up to the end of Tammy and my time with the principal pastor in his office and ended on a happy note. We left at intermission due to knee pain – Hubby – and the hour drive home – me. But before that there was music including a ukulele and some chanting which was a great way to end the first part of the event.

Sometimes you choose to touch down and you have an out of body experience. Other times its just a chance to remind you that you belong to something bigger than the four walls of your safe and comforting apartment. As a writer and storyteller, touching down is a necessity as your words demand an audience.

Where do you like to touch down?