My most blissful rest is enveloped in you.
No high thread count cotton of pharaoh’s claim.
No spun silk or satin grain.
No patchwork, no down, no duvet;
No flannel, no woven, no crochet.

Simply here, enveloped in you,

In the rugged soft sinewy bend and crook
Of your deeply, creamy caramelized hue,
With a hint of dark chocolate
From when you paid the sun her due.
Here, heady with the fragrance of our loving,
Does my lusty head linger, as two
Equal heartbeats pulsate in primal comfort.

My most blissful rest is enveloped in you.

From my enviable view, discerning eyes appreciate
The warrior who, when awake, is formidable enough,
And only now reveals an angel side as with
Deliciously daring lips parted, you lie.
My valiant, you’ve laid down your shield,
And in this moment my greatest strength,
Your weakness, is revealed.

My own tenuous nature eclipsed by soul deep whispers
Passed between us, as lovers do, welcomes the
Desire rising again within me. Your mouth beckons me
To lay my purest kisses on them, as first fruits to the gods,
And my most unblemished passion to all of you.

For my most exquisite, my deepest and longest desired days
Are spent here in your rugged soft sinewy bend and crook.

My most blissful rest is enveloped in you.

Copyright 2017 Sharon Arsego