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Welcome to The Writer’s Block! We are a new seed project from Flower Power Press currently based in the humble Connecticut abode of your’s truly!

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The vision for The Writer’s Block is two fold: One, to network and experience a community of writers and artists for mutual inspiration and encouragement, and Two, because I needed to find my tribe in the creative realm! I need to have art and writing in my life and now it is just a click or two or three away!

I was recently re-motivated to write and read my work at Permission to Fail held at Lotta Studios in New Haven, CT. That, coupled with the moving story telling of my father in law, Don, and the treasured support of my husband, Dave, has bought me here. I am a writer and I can’t make any more excuses not to write or aim to be published.

Please follow The Writer’s Block as you like, staying in touch for updates, new posts, and writing exercises to help boost creativity and storytelling! Writing opportunities will also be shared as I receive paid and contest notifications from a few select sources.

Thank you for visiting!

Write on!
Sharon ūüôā



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